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Paul W.S. Anderson and 'Resident Evil' fans

The majority of fans have voiced their interest in bringing Russell Mulcahy back to direct the potential 'Resident Evil 5' movie, after his work on 'Resident Evil: Extinction' impressed us all.

While Paul W.S. Anderson and Russell Mulcahy have proven to be the best directors yet to produce the 'Resident Evil' movies, it'll be nice to see Mulcahy get the directing gig again after Anderson returned to film 'Resident Evil: Afterlife' (RE4 was incredible by the way!).

If you want Russell Mulcahy to return to the franchise, please sign this petition and it will make a difference if you can spread the word so it'll give this petition a good chance to be recognised by Paul W.S. Anderson or people-alike involved within the Sony Pictures industry.

This petition has been created to increase our chances of successfully bringing Russell Mulcahy back to direct the potential 'Resident Evil 5' movie because the fans have been impressed by Mulcahy's work (directing-wise) on 'Resident Evil: Extinction'. The majority of fans were pleased to see some slick, fast-paced action sequences with some awe-inspiring shots; strong emphasis on character development and emotions; and decent amount of gore.

While the film may have strayed the furthest from the games, it was decent as a standalone film because Mulcahy's slick direction made the film an enjoyable experience. 'Extinction' was successful in every aspect - good character development, exciting action sequences, interesting story, good soundtrack, excellent villian (Dr. Issacs portrayed by Iain Glen) etc. Mulcahy actually created a survival-horror vibe to it!

I have to highlight the fact that Mulcahy successfully made the character deaths very impactful because he placed emphasis on the emotions of the characters which obviously made them very relatable for us. It is noted that the franchise severely lacks emotions and Mulcahy made 'Extinction' end up having the best emotion-driven story.

With the aid of Paul W.S. Anderson, Mulcahy will be capable of replicating and staying true to the spirit of the 'Resident Evil' games. He's got the experience and skills to do so.

When this petition has received enough signatures, it'll be my duty to send this petition to Paul W.S. Anderson, Sony Pictures and Russell Mulcahy himself. Please show your support and I'll keep you updated :)

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