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We are partitioning for Psyonix to bring its hit game Rocket League to the Nintendo Switch platform.

The purpose of this is simply to highlight the communities incredible interest in this release. Rocket League is a title I see repeatably making many people's wish list for possible Switch releases, myself included.

The system's local multiplayer options and portability would bring a freedom to the game not previously available with the current console and PC versions. A Switch release would allow for fans to meet up and play and train together instead of being separated by an internet cable. It would allow players to set up training sessions for when they travel, or just play a typical online match at home.

In addition, obviously Psyonix would be able create a new source revenue.

The last I saw, Jeremy Dunham stated it was being taken into consideration, depending on the capabilities of the Switch and fans demand.

While I'm not an expert on technical limititations, I am hopeful the Switch will be more than powerful enough since I managed to get Rocket League to run on an Intel HD chipset ... so I'm optimistic in that area.

For the other condition, all we can do as a community is yell at Psyonix how much we want it to happen.

...so commence yelling.

Each signee on this petition is a member of the Rocket League community that would like to see the game come to Switch. For Psyonix, we have a special message, 'Shut up and take out money'

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