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Rabbit Ears Productions began in 1985 when creators Mark Sottnick and Doris Wilhousky started on their first production, "The Velveteen Rabbit" narrated by Meryl Streep. Since the big sucess of "The Velveteen Rabbit," Rabbit Ears Productions has moved on to create a different array of series for the program including "Storybook Classics" which features famous nursery rhymes, "We All Have Tales," which features famous folktales from all around the world and "American Heroes and Legends," which features famous tall tale characters told in the American tradition, such as "John Henry," "Anne Oakley," and "Davy Crockett."

Rabbit Ears Productions was very well known in the 80's and 90's for letting celebrities narrate the stories and also letting famous musicians to provide the music and well known illustrators to provide the artwork for the stories. Probably one of the most notable stories from this fantastic company were "The Velveteen Rabbit" that was narrated by Meryl Streep and was the first story from Rabbit Ears Productions to be made, "Pecos Bill," that was narrated by Robin Williams and has often been known as one of Rabbit Ears' finest accomplishments, "The Fool and the Flying Ship" that was also narrated by Robin Williams and was the first story introduced in the "We All Have Tales" series and is noted for bring the "WAHT" series to flight, and "Follow the Drinking Gourd" that was narrated by Morgan Freeman and was known as the most dramatic story out of the "American Heroes and Legends" series. Of course, there were other stories from Rabbit Ears Productions that have also become popular with many fans and therefore, Rabbit Ears Productions had been one of the longest running children's programs that uses limited animation as it originally ran for 10 years.

Unfortunately, around the mid 90's Rabbit Ears Radio, which was created after the huge success of Rabbit Ears Productions, was taken off the air and this had lead to Rabbit Ears Productions being put out of production for many years.

However, in 2000, Chris Campbell along with Mark Sottnick, picked up the series and now they created a new company called Rabbit Ears Entertainment, where they sell the audio CDs and books of the stories that were featured in Rabbit Ears Productions in the 80's and 90's.

It's great that Rabbit Ears Entertainment is trying to bring back our memories of the stories that we all grew up with by putting them in DVD and audio CD format, but I personally think that the Rabbit Ears stories could become even more well known right now if it was broadcast on live television.

Many shows right now do not depict the fairy tale elements that we remembered as kids such as "The Three Little Pigs," "Pinocchio," "John Henry," and "The Fisherman and his Wife." Back in the 80's and 90's, there were many shows such as "Long Ago and Far Away" that featured fairy tales from not only America but also from all over the world.

This petition is for people who miss the old days when shows that depicted famous fairy tales were well known among fans. If you want the Rabbit Ears stories to be on television again, sign this petition.

If you just want to see shows that deal with fairy tales again, sign this petition. Or if you want to see shows that actually make you feel good whenever you watch television, sign this petition. To learn more about the famous company, Rabbit Ears Productions (or Rabbit Ears Entertainment) go to my website at:


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