President Barack Obama
United States of America

As a concerned parent, I would like to express my desire to allow prayer back in public schools. In the recent news there has been more senseless school shootings causing childen to be afraid to attend school.

Bullying is another reason children are in fear but I know that God is able to take control of our schools if we just only ask him to come in.

Test scores and SAT scores are lower in public schools than in Christian schools and this maybe due to all the negative situations going on in our public shools.

We, the undersigned concerned citizens, call on prayer to be reinstated into our public schools.

If our money can display "In God we trust" then we can aknowledge his presence in our schools.

Our great nation was founded on religion and now many want to turn their backs on our faith because some people think it is offensive.

Let's take back our schools before it is too late.

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