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PARK JUNG MIN is one of the members of the famous K-Pop group SS501, who recently debuted as a single artist through his first solo album, “NOT ALONE” in Korea. With his charismatic style, he is known as ‘SS501 Sexy Charisma’ and often introduces himself as ‘SS501 Charisma, Park Jung Min’.

Jung-Min is also known as the friendliest member in SS501 and also the one that talks the most. TRIPLE S describes him as the man with the best fan-service ever towards the fans. He’s with CNR MEDIA and also Sony Music Taiwan record label which automatically makes him under Sony Music International which includes Malaysia. Recently, he started his Asia promotion tour starting with Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore and will soon be heading to Thailand and Hong Kong.

Recently in an interview with Singapore Media, Park Jung Min mentioned that he would love to visit every country in Asia in order to meet all his fans. He also mentioned that he does not mind visiting countries with smaller fan bases as he believes that more people will get to know about him.

With the cancellation of 'Park Jung Min: Fan Meeting 2011' in Malaysia, we, Triple S Malaysia Alliance, representing all SS501 fan bases in Malaysia would like to DEMAND Sony Music Malaysia to bring Park Jung Min here in Malaysia since Sony Music is the record company who responsible for all Jung Min activities and also promotions across the world.

Here, we need all TRIPLE S MALAYSIA support by giving us your FULL NAME and identification number (I/C) as part of the petition. You can write your I/C at the comment section but make sure you MARKED the HIDE MY COMMENT box, so that your I/C won't be review by other parties. TQ

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