#Human Rights

Noel Maguire is an Irish citizen who is being held in an English prison. He has been the victim of a violent assault where he nearly lost his life. His family, friends, and loved ones want him repatriated.

The English government have approved this but the Irish government are delaying the repatriation.

This petition is for his repatriation and for his health, well being, and human rights.

To the Offices Minister for Justice,

We at the Political Status Ireland are gravely concerned about the health and well being of Noel Maguire, who is an Irish citizen.

We implore you to speed up his repatriation for the sake of his safety and well being. Noel’s family and friends are gravely concerned about his well being. As a fellow European and an Irishman, we would ask you to repatriate Noel Maguire as soon as possible.

We feel that as a citizen of the Irish State he deserves the protection of its government and the right to be reunited with his family. They have not been able to visit him regularly will he has been incarcerated in England. Two other Irish citizens who were convicted of the same offences have been successfully repatriated to Ireland.

We feel that it is a grave injustice that he has not been given the same protection as all other Irish citzen are guarenteed under the laws of this state.

Yours Sincerly,

Political Status Ireland

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