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Enbridge Natural Gas

Country Club Village is an upscale residential community located about 15 minutes west of Ottawa near the town of Ashton Ontario. The community currently has approximately 150 residential homes on 2 acre lots.

The community is also surrounded by the Canadian Golf and Country Club, and many of the homes back onto some of the 27 holes that encompass the golf course and neighborhood.

Our neighborhood is not currently served by any Natural Gas suppliers, and as a result all of the homes have to rely on Propane Gas for heating. Enbridge is currently expanding their Natural Gas distribution to an area that is approximately 1.5 KM from the Country Club Village neighborhood.

We, the undersigned, call on Enbridge Gas to expand their existing Natural Gas Infrastructure to allow for the supply of Natural Gas to the 150 homes and Golf Course that are contained within and around Country Club Village.

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The Bring Natural Gas Service to the Residents of Country Club Village and the Canadian Golf Course petition to Enbridge Natural Gas was written by Denis Patry and is in the category Neighborhood Living at GoPetition.

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