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He is easily the most successful driver ever to have driven in Formula 1.

When he won his sixth championship in 2003, he surpassed Juan Manuel Fangio, whom everyone considered to be the greatest driver ever. Then he went on to add another championship, increasing his tally to seven.

No one can ever come close, or hope to match him. True, he may have been very controversial, but Schumacher won a huge number of fans, and his loss couldn't really have done Formula 1 any good.

His retiring at the top of his game only adds to this perception. And to confirm it, he comes back for his first test after a year, and tops the timesheets on the first day.

Now we have potentially another Schumacher in the form of Lewis Hamilton. Formula 1's viewing figures would soar if the people got to see a season of Schumacher vs Hamilton, the old versus the new. Isn't this opportunity too good to pass?

If you think so, please sign this petition.

We, the undersigned, call on any of the Formula 1 teams, particularly the top teams with big budgets, to at least attempt to sign on Michael Schumacher.

We believe it will be in the best interest of the sport to see his return, especially in light of the advent of Lewis Hamilton.

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