#Human Rights

Manuela Terre Sanchez is a nine year old fifth grader in Hamilton, Ontario CANADA. She is being held in Colombia on is a Family Law "Hague Convention" matter.

Officials there say she is a Columbian citizen, and Columbia is not recognizing her Landed Immigrant status in Canada. In August, Manuela, & her family made a trip to Columbia for a holiday. When they were set to return home to Canada, she was refused.

Her family stayed in Columbia trying to get it all worked out, but her parents, being threatened with prison, decided the safest thing to do was to return to Canada to fight for Manuela. And so the fight continues.

This family's human rights have been torn apart for political reasons that make no sense. To make matters worse her Biological father in Canada has sent a letter to Columbia stating (though he gave up all rights to her legally 6 yrs ago) she should remain in Columbia not Canada, the only home she has known since age 1. Our Government needs to intervene ASAP!

We, the undersigned, call on the Government of Canada to take action on behalf of this family to have Manuela Sanchez returned home to Canada.

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