#Human Rights
Immigration Attorney and Judge
United States of America

Marian Garcia has been a resident of The United Stated of America for 40 years and is now facing deportation. Within these 40 years she has impacted so many lives in an amazing way. Not only is she a mother and a grandmother but she has made herself family to all she called a friend. Mama has been an upstanding citizen of the community and has done so much to give back that we just don't see any fairness at all to just snatch her away from her children, grand children, family, and culture that she has grown accustomed to over 40 years. Mama is 61 years old now and she has well documented medical issues that she has been facing and deporting her could ultimately result in her health failing or causing harm to her life. Mama has been a great asset to the children and families of her community. She has taken children in off the streets to clothe and feed them when their families couldn't afford to do so. She couldn't even afford to but she would go out her way to get donations and whatever resources she could to help other people. She is not just some person from another country, she is our mother, grandmother, and family.

We the undersigned, call on the Immigration Court to stop the deportation of Marian Garcia. She has been an upstanding citizen of the U.S.A. for 40 years. She has been an outstanding positive role model for her community. We plead that it can be seen through this petition how loved and respected Marian Garcia is by her family, friends, and all the people she has impacted in a positive way. We plead that this petition will bring Mama home.

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