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My love for this program has been solid since I first viewed it. The charcters, story-lines and humor are beyond funny. Watch one episode on late night Comedy Central and you'll be hooked.

Here's the list:
Season 1
1. 1-1 102 22-Oct-2003 Hip Hop to the Godfather
2. 1-2 104 29-Oct-2003 The F-You Soup
3. 1-3 105 05-Nov-2003 French Take Woodland
4. 1-4 106 11-Nov-2003 Kim Jong Il Must Die
5. 1-5 108 18-Nov-2003 The Nazi Party
6. 1-6 103 02-Dec-2003 Princess Serena
7. 1-7 107 09-Dec-2003 Wedding Belles
8. 1-8 101 16-Dec-2003 Pilot
9. 1-9 109 16-Dec-2003 White Christmas

We, the people of this global village ask for you to bring the "Kid" to DVD since Comedy Central decided it was not good enough for their programming or time slots.

Let us please enjoy it now in our own home theaters.

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