#Human Rights
Free thinkers and supporters of transparency in goverment

We the people are sick of the witch hunts currently being implemented against whistle-blowers. People who merely wish to bring hidden agendas held by the world powers to the attention of the ordinary citizens of the planet. It is our world too.

We have the right to know. We have the right to share in the decision making processes for policies and projects which affect us, our ways of life, our cultural dignities and our wildlife and natural areas.

To the Honourable, Mr Kevin Rudd

We, the undersigned people of Australia request that Mr Julian Assange be given refuge and protection from the government of the USA, and any other countries, by our own hand.

We do not believe that he is guilty of any of the alleged criminal activity he has been unjustly accused of.

We believe that the people of the world have the right to know what secretive agencies in the United States plan and implement, because it does affect the whole planet and its population, as well as our own.

We also demand transparency for our own government, as from the commencement of government by a new party, after the Federal Election in September 2013.

We also require that no charges are imposed on Mr Assange once he is back in Australia, so that he is free to run for public office, if he so chooses.

We, the new generation of Australians, will not tolerate witch-hunts of our citizens by overseas powers.

We will not tolerate meddling in our internal affairs, nor support their bases here in Australia, which in turn make us a target for their enemies and wars.

We have other matters which we wish to bring to the tables of the Australian Parliamentary buildings, by representatives chosen by the people, and not by contrived electoral processes.

We will consider a revolution, and the overthrow of the government, if you do not agree to this, our first demand.

How many more we make, depends on your attitude and compliance, and your treatment of those who seek to make this country once again for the free and the Australian way of life.

This public service announcement has been written and authorized by Tracey Burt, Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia. 7 July 2013.

On behalf of the Australian Order of the Knights Templar, and the unofficial Anti-Illuminati Org.

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