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Paul W.S. Anderson, Sony Screen Gems, Milla Jovovich, Sienna Guillory
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I made this petition to speak for others and myself who want Jill Valentine to appear in Resident Evil: Retribution.

Latest news shows that Jill Valentine will be replaced by Ada Wong in Resident Evil: Retribution... really?

As we all know, Jill hasn't been in a Resident Evil movie in a long time so it was nice to see her appear in the ending for Resident Evil: Afterlife. We all believed that she would be appearing in Resident Evil: Retribution as the main antagonist which made a lot of people happy.

Then the news comes along about Sienna being recasted. That was bad news to all of Sienna's fans, but then we find out that Paul wrote Jill out of the movie all together was just absolutely ridiculous, considering how Resident Evil: Afterlife ended.

Now we find out that Ada of all characters in the Resident Evil series is going to be replacing Jill... that is just stupid. Ada has no place in the existing storyline of the Resident Evil films and now its going to be really confusing that Jill is suddenly gone and now someone else is going to be taking her place. The only reason why Ada was probably written into the movie was so that she can get some poorly written love story with Leon.

Anderson, Milla, and Sony, you all know how badly we want Sienna/Jill in these movies... so why do you continually decide to write Jill out?

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