To Bring The Jonas Brothers to Canada

There are thousands of Jonas Brothers fans out here in Canada. But they have never gotten to see how many there are of us and how much we really love them cause they havent had the opportunity to come out here other than Toronto and thats not far for the rest of us cause we can't all fly out or drive out to go see them in the States or even in Toronto..

I'll i'm asking for is to get a little bit of help from everyone who loves the Jonas Brothers and help me bring them to Canada. I would be the Happeist person in the world if they could make it this way, along with thousands of Canadian fans. So i hope you can find it in your hearts to help me out..

We want to show the Jonas Brothers that the rest of Canada loves them and they have tons and tons of fans up here, so they should come to Canada and tour across it.

Thank you so much for signing and it means a lot..
Your helping with every signature to bring our dream of them coming..

Thank you.

All of us Canadians would love it if you could bring the Jonas Brothers to do a cross Canada Tour.

We want to show them they have fans all over the world and we all deserve to see them in Concert.

Thank you for your time.

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