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In-N-Out Burger would like to open a location in Pleasant Hill on N. Main by the Black Angus. This location is zoned commercial, so the restaurant is an appropriate use for the space.

It will bring in much needed tax revenue for Pleasant Hill and good paying jobs to area residents. Some of the neighbors behind this commercial area, who live in Walnut Creek, are protesting. In-N-Out has been responsive to these concerns. Please show your support for In-N-Out Burger and Pleasant Hill by signing the petition in favor of In-N-Out Burger.

In-N-Out Burger changed the orientation of the building so that the drive through line and menu box and speaker are farther away from the neighbors. They are installing a high sound wall with extra landscaping to further muffle sound. In fact, the studies have shown that the neighbors are likely to have LESS noise after the installation of the wall and landscaping than they do today from the freeway and other businesses in the area. They are installing an air filtration system to cut odors.

There is a traffic analysis currently being conducted, along with a full Environmental Impact Report. When the project was proposed it was ruled that there were no negative impacts per CEQA.

For updates please visit http://www.facebook.com/yesPHino

Yes, I want In-N-Out Burger in Pleasant Hill!

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