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Let's give Ken Griffey, Jr. a second chance. Here's an excerpt from the Jim Caple article that sparked this petition:

"Griffey makes sense for the Mariners on the field. Edgar Martinez is probably retiring after the season. Mike Cameron could leave as well as a free agent. And the Mariners desperately need another power hitter in the lineup, preferably left-handed.

The area also is ready to welcome him back. Sure, most everyone here took pleasure in Griffey's early struggles in Cincinnati but we're over that. People don't resent Junior for leaving any longer, they just feel sorry about his injuries. And remember, unlike A-Rod, Griffey has never played here since his departure so he's never heard boos in Seattle.

All he has to do to be welcomed back is say, "I went to Cincinnati because I thought it would make me happier, but I wasn't. Now, I would like to return to my baseball home. Will you have me?" Seattle fans, who have watched Randy Johnson, Junior, A-Rod, Piniella and Boeing leave over the past couple years, would eat it up."

We, the undersigned, want Ken Griffey, Jr. back in a Seattle Mariners uniform!

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