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This petition I am writing to to make players of the infamous Graal aware that some wrong has been done in the Graal Classic version of the game. This wrong I speak of is the fact that Graal Classic has been turned into a p2p (Pay-2-Play) game. You may be asking, "What is wrong with that?" I shall tell you. For approximately 3 years Graal Classic has been a free MMOARPG (Massively-Multiplayer-Online-Action-Role-Playing-Game). Out of practically nowhere, this game became p2p just as the game itself came out of nowhere. We, the fans, should not have to pay for something that has been free for so long. It would be a different thing if it where just a beta, but it was always a full game. I know ask of the Graal community, help me, neh, everyone, to relive the the world of Graal Classic as it was meant to be, a free community of fighters, friends, and enemies.

You here by agree that Graal Classic should be returned to it's original state of being free to play without any payments. With this signature, you will have made the goal one step closer.

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