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Foster The People
South Africa

After 6 years of global recognition, the interest in Foster the People has grown a significant amount within groups of South Africans who have a more evolved taste in music.

The market may appear small in the country, however, this is because individuals whom have grown attached to FTP'S music are scattered widely throughout the country.

A large number of people have expressed their desire to attend a concert by the band, but due to the lack of opportunity to attend a concert in a different country, it has grown on people to be highly unlikely.

With the petition, we will enable people to recognise that their dream of one day attending a FTP concert may be a reality. The petition will group together a large number of people who are keen on having the band in South Africa. This will increase the market level as well as prove that there will be enough people to attend the concert for profitable factors.

Our love for the band has encouraged us to sign the petition in hopes that we will receive results in the very near future.

We, the undersigned, call on indie pop band 'Foster The people', to visit the beautiful country of South Africa to grace the people with their music in a concert.

After nearly 7 years since they've formed and 6 years since the realese of the viral hit "Pumped Up kicks" , it is known that they have not produced a concert in South Africa.

By signing the petition, one proves their desire of having the band tour the country.

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