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For 24 years our world has been blessed with the cultural phenomenon that is Forrest Gump. He is a household name, a fashion icon, a veteran, and a family man. We have learned a lot from Forrest Gump, but it is now time to pass that knowledge to the next generation. A generation that doesn't use VHS or DVD like many of us once did. Until recently one of the largest video streaming Titans, Netflix, carried this national treasure into the homes of millions. But no longer is that so. They have removed it and thrown it to the side to be forgotten. Well "heck no", I say. And as a nation I ask that you say "heck no" with me.

We, as the citizens who inhabit this Earth have a duty. And that duty is to pass on our culture and knowledge to those who come after us. We must now call upon Netflix to correct this mistake before it is too late for rectification.

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