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Bring Ellen to the U.K. to film "The Ellen DeGeneres Show"

This petition is to show Ellen DeGeneres, and her team at " The Ellen DeGeneres Show" that we would love for her to come to the U.K.

As you may or may, or may not know, Ellen is filming her show in Australia this year, in March, sponsored by Swisse Vitamins, and Qantas Airlines.

It looks like it will be a great event for Austrailia, and is hitting national news and radio. It's her first time in Australia, and accompanying her will be her wife Portia who was born in Australia.

So, with Ellen visiting Australia, many people in the U.K. have been thinking that it would be "so good" for her to visit the U.K. in the same way.

We have Ellen to thank for making little superstars of our very own princesses Sophia-Grace and Rosie, having The Wanted, Ed Sheeran and Emile Sande making there US debut on her show and bringing all the millions of One Direction fans scream with delight by having an outdoor concert for them.

Also Niall Horan has become Ellen's twin, to which I bet is one of his career highlights!

So with so many british bands, singers, actors &actresses, and sports personalities appearing on the famous red velvet sofas, why not do the same, but in there own country!?

London would be a great venue, as our capital city, and it has many cultures that would promote our country on a worldwide scale.

Just look at how much people were intrigued, all around the world, by our humble little group of islands during the 2012 Olympics!

Ellen even mentioned it on her show!

So, why the U.K?

Ellen has been "out" as a lesbian since 1997' to which she was invited by Graham Norton to come over and have a party, to celebrate her "puppy episode" from her sitcom, being show in the U.K. (look on YouTube, it's great).

The U.K. has a vast LGBT community, which embraces "gay culture" and have various gay pride events held yearly, (how great would it be to see Ellen at one of those!)

Many LGBT charities,groups, organisations and business are favourited amongst British celebrities, and citizens, and help to promote equality, the right to allow LGBT couples to marry, and help those who wish, to adopt children, or receive IVF treatment.

So, with a vast amount of attributes that would make the world see how great we are as a nation, we would love to invite the queen of talk shows, to our shores. I'm sure many celebrities would jump at the chance to be on it, British and otherwise!

So if you are a die hard Ellen fan, or just would love to see London all over the world news again, and feel that Ellen and her team should take the plunge to come to our country to film the show, sign the petition.

Thanks for reading

We, the people of the United Kingdom, want Ellen DeGeneres and her team, to come to the U.K.

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