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The chemical name of ETHANOL is C2H5OH. Ethanol fuel typically refers to a gasoline that contains ethyl alcohol. Ethanol is an alcohol, made from corn, grains, sugar and other common farm produce. Flex fuel and E85 is a gasoline containing 85% ethanol.

Ethanol from today’s modern plants reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 59 percent compared to gasoline, according to the latest study. Future ethanol production methods could reduce greenhouse gas emissions even further.

E85 is a renewable fuel source that is also environmentally friendly. Its performance is comparable to race gas at a fraction of the cost. Your engine will run cooler and your ETs will be less affected by atmospheric changes. E85 is not corrosive like methanol and does not leave carbon deposits like gas so maintenance is reduced across the board.

With automotive companies making the change to flex fuel vehicles, it is imperative that we have the fuel available within a reasonable distance. The closest available station offering e85 is located over sixty miles away from Lafayette, Louisiana.

E85 is not restricted to flex fuel vehicles, more than 17 million vehicles in the United States are designed to produce significantly less emissions while running on e85. The Market in Louisiana is steadily increasing. Automotive shops are recommending the switch reducing ware on vehicles.

We need your help by signing this petition in support of including e85 at Sunoco in Lafayette, La.

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