The Secretary of State for Northern Ireland
United Kingdom

April 6, 2006

The Northern Ireland Assembly was suspended in October 2002, there are disagreements about the reasons for this, because the IRA refused to disarm and cooperate with the other main parties. or because The anglo-establishment, opposed to local government in the occupied 6 counties, manufactured a "spying scandal" and then shut down the assembly. It was a total fraud.

(The english spy at the center of that "scandal" was assasinated this week.)

Whatever reason it was, democracy needs to be brought to N.I, for the good of Nationalists and Unionists.

For the last 4 years Northern Ireland has been run by what is basically a dictatorship. The Secretary of State makes all decisions and the public do not have the power to do anything.

For example, Academic selection is being removed from Northern Ireland, even though the majority of parents CLEARLY stated that they wanted a form of Academic Selection to remain in place. Or, abortion laws are different in N.I than to the rest of the U.K, These are just two examples of how Northern Ireland is being treated unfairly.

An effective way to hold the parliament would be to only allow parties to stand for election if they are willing to participate in the Northern Ireland Assembly. This would at least give the people a way to sort things out fairly.

Bring democracy to Northern Ireland.

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