Darren Hayes, the Darren Hayes fanclub, Powdered Sugar (label)

Tuesday 14 November 2000. For so many this date means nothing. But for us, Belgian and Dutch fans of Darren Hayes – former lead-singer of Savage Garden - it does.

Almost six years have gone by since the last concert of Savage Garden in Holland. In those six years, much has happened: Savage Garden split up, and Darren Hayes started his solo career. He has had two successful CD's (Spin and The Tension and the Spark) and some major hits (Insatiable, Strange relationship, Crush (1980 ME) and more recently Pop!ular, Darkness and So Beautiful). This year he toured in the UK, Ireland, Thailand and his home-country Australia (his 3rd solo-tour), and did showcases in Russia, the USA, Sweden …

But it has been 6 years since the Belgian and Dutch fans have seen him. We feel a bit neglected. We have a Darren Hayes under-dose! When are we going to see him again? Are we ever? Those questions keep on spinning in our minds! But today, we aren't just thinking about them as problems. We are solving them!

With this petition we would like to show that Holland and Belgium, although being very small countries, have a very BIG heart for Darren. We would like to show the world how much we miss him here.

And maybe - who knows - he will come to visit us in the nearby future?

*** We have collected over 600 signatures already! Please do not sign this petition if you have signed it on the other host! You can check the signatures list @ www.benelux4darren.tk ***

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We, the undersigned, call on the Darren Hayes fan club, Darren Hayes and his record company (Powdered Sugar) to organize a concert in Belgium and/or Holland.

We support the Belgian and Dutch fans in this quest, and want to contribute to this dream.

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