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D is a Japanese Visual Kei band formed in 2003 by ASAGI, SIN, and Ruiza, after their previous band Syndrome was disbanded.

In March 2003, D was formed with the first five members, ASAGI, Ruiza, HIROKI, SIN, and Rena. They released their first mini-album NEW BLOOD on 18 July 2003. Soon after the release of this album, Ruiza was hospitalized, and SIN decided to leave the band. The band took a small break. During this break, ASAGI and HIROKI played under the name "Night of the Children" with the guitarist Hide-Zou. When Ruiza was released from the hospital, D came back together on September 27, 2003 with Hide-Zou replacing SIN on guitar. Two months after their reunion, they released their first single, Alice. On January 7th, they released their second mini-album Paradox.

During 2004, D released the single Yume Narishi Kuuchuu Teien as well as a live only single Mayutsuki no Hitsugi, which was only for sale at three concerts in Shibuya O-West (4 November 2004), Nagoya ell. FITS ALL (13 November 2004) and Osaka MUSE (23 November 2004). They also decided to release a remastered version of their first mini-album, but this time with the bonus track Gareki no Hana. New Blood ~second impact~ was released on December 8, 2004, quickly followed by their fourth single Mahiru no koe ~Synchronicity~.

In 2005, Rena was in the band long enough to release one more single and PV, Yami yori kurai doukoku no a CAPPELLA to bara yori akai jounetsu no ARIA. After the recording of their latest album, Rena decided to leave the band July 27th. On September 28th, D's first full album The name of the ROSE was released in two versions each with a DVD of a different PV. D also launched their own publication, the Mad Tea Party Magazine.

Tsunehito joined D on December 5, 2005 on bass. He re-recorded the bass lines for The name of the ROSE, which the band re-released with three extra tracks: Shiroi Yoru, Tsukiyo no Renka, and Mayutsuki no Hitsugi. [2]

Keeping with the trend of remastering their old albums, in 2006 they re-released Paradox and Yume narishi kuchuu teien. The latter came with two additional tracks that were previously unreleased. Their seventh single Taiyou wo Okuru Hi was released in two types: a limited edition with the PV for Taiyou wo Okuru Hi and a regular edition with the voiceless track of Taiyou wo Okuru Hi. [2] Two months later they released their second album, Tafel Anatomie on October 18, 2006.

For 2007, D launched their official fan club "Ultimate Lover" and released their first live DVD, Tafel Anatomie TOUR 2006 (14 March 2007). Soon after, the band announced in-store events and a three-date tour (Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo) on their website to support their new single, Dearest You (25 April 2007). In the summer, D released two more singles, Ouka Sakisomenikeri (18 July 2007)[1] and Schwarzschild (15 August 2007). In November, D released their third full-length album Neo culture~Beyond the world~ (7 November 2007) in three forms: two special editions each containing a DVD with different PVs and a regular edition with a special thirty-six page booklet.
[edit] Major (2008-Present)

D signed with Avex Trax in 2008. Their last indies tour was called Follow me and a live DVD of the final was released later in July. Their first major single called BIRTH was released May 7, 2008. Next, their second major single, Yami no Kuni no Alice/Hamon, was released on September 3, 2008. Yami no Kuni no Alice was the theme for the Japanese movie "Twilight Syndrome: Dead-go-round" and Hamon was used as the ending theme for the Nintendo DS game Twilight Syndrome. Their first major oneman live BIRTH~sora e no kaiki~ was held August 8th, followed by their year end "Alice in Dark edge" tour. [2]

D's first activity of 2009 was the release of their third major single Snow White. Then on February 25th they released their first major full-length album titled Genetic World. In the months following, they released a special combined live photo book plus live album D TOUR 2008 Alice in Dark edge FINAL~LIVE ALBUM + PHOTO BOOK and a live DVD D TOUR 2008 Alice in Dark edge (18 March 2009). [2]

D Tour 2009 "Genetic World" kicked off in April of 2009 and ended in May. Months later, in September, ASAGI opened his own website Rozen Kranz (Japanese) (God Child Records) to sell his own products as well as goods from D's indies era. They announced the renewal of Mad Tea Party Magazine and it was decided that 11th volume and 8th photo book would be sold on October 13th. D's forth major single Tightrope was released on September 23rd. Not long after, they revealed that a previously unreleased song Day by Day would be the theme for a dating simulation game for Japanese mobile phones called "LoveφSummit" (part of the Neo Romance series from KOEI), as well as the title track of a new single to be released on December 2nd.


Vocal: Asagi
Guitar: Ruiza
Guitar: Hide-Zou
Bass: Tsunehito
Drums: Hiroki

Taken From: D's Wikipedia Page

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