#Animal Rights
Urbana Town Court
United States of America

A petition to bring a lovable dog home.

Hi everyone, I'm Brooke Hansen. About a week ago our town police officer and dog warden showed up at my house with a warrant to seize my dog. Apparently a neighbor of mine had made some complaints about her, one of which stating how they didn't "feel safe" leaving their house, and they felt "threatened" by her.

Yes she is a huge, intimidating looking dog, but she is one of the most friendliest, caring, lovable dogs I have ever met, let alone owned! And because of those accusations my dog was wrongfully taken from me and put in the care of a Dog Kennel. I am currently fighting for my baby back, and her rights to be free.

They want me to muzzle, chip and lock down an innocent animal. Cura's not just a dog, she's family, and we need help getting her home where she belongs!

If you know her, or you've ever met her please sign this petition so I can show the courts what a great dog she really is!

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