Dear Nintendo,

The design of your most iconic character, Super Mario, has changed drastically over the years. The new Mario – tall, blue overalls with a red shirt - is a far cry from the old, chubby, brown and red Mario of days gone by. This is of course the nature of character evolution, and we accept this.

We welcome the recent announcement that, after several years, The Mario series has returned to its classic roots with New Super Mario Wii, and hopefully more classic styled games to come. We are happy to see Mario returning to his roots, but one detail in this retro revival is something that we cannot agree with – the use of Mario's Modern design.

We accept the modern mechanics of the game such as the various new powerups – one could argue this is natural progression, with each 2D Mario game of the past introducing a new ability for Mario.

However, if this game truly is to be the sequel to Super Mario 3, we feel that it should feature the same Mario design as was featured in Super Mario Brothers 3 and its predecessors. We believe that the addition of the modern Mario design does not make sense in terms of the continuity – it would be illogical to change the design of the main character in an immediate sequel to this game. We believe that it is a very good idea to make a retro Mario game, but without the original design, this might as well be Mario Advance 4 or Super Mario Sunshine 3; whilst the Sonic Advance and Rush series were games that many people enjoyed, but they were not retro.

We are not asking you to remove the modern Mario design from Upcoming Super Mario Games.

We, the undersigned, simply request that you give us the option to play as the Classic Mario in future Mario games – as downloadable content, unlockable content, or through any other means that you see fit.

We believe this would make the game appeal to more of a mass market, as the new fans would be able to play as the modern Mario that they know and love, and the old fans would be able to play as the classic Mario that they grew up with and cherish.

We believe that Future Mario games should be true to its predecessors in spirit, and that the character design is a huge part of this.

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