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The Ben Howard Cancer Appeal was initially formed in November 2007 to enable Ben Howard to obtain cancer-killing gene therapy in the UK. This involves transporting the cancer-suicide P53 gene to tumours by injection or via intravenous drip to the targeted area. Ben died in December 2007 but family and friends vowed to keep the cause going in Ben's memory.

I was guest speaker at the British Society of gene therapy's annual conference in 2009 and I discovered how frustrated our UK scientists are that gene therapy has been held back by EU regulations. This petition is designed to raise awareness and overcome barriers to help people who, like Ben have been offered no cure for their cancer.

Cancer numbers are growing, especially in the young adults of UK. We owe it to them to help bring gene therapy here with clinical trials.

We, the undersigned, call on our health minister to help bring cancer-killing gene therapy to the UK with clinical trials.

Gene therapy involving transporting the P53 gene to targeted cancerous tumours can effectively reverse cancer and is available in different countries but not the UK.

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