24 Hour Fitness
United States of America

December 7, 2016
To Whom It May Concern (24 Hour Fitness, Antioch):

It has recently come to our attention that Bryan Guzman, our beloved and hardworking Zumba instructor, is no longer going to be permitted to teach Zumba classes at the new Antioch club. This is not only alarming, but very upsetting to many of us. Bryan’s class is always packed and he has a huge following of students. Many of us have switched gyms, or switched 24 Hour locations, solely for the purpose of being able to take his class. Some of us have even tweaked our own work or personal schedules in order to attend as many of Bryan’s classes as possible. In the past, there was a similar problem where Bryan’s consistent class was taken away from him. We petitioned then, and we are petitioning now.

We hope that the signatures collected will be further proof that this is an unnecessary, unfair, and undesirable change. Many of us plan to take our memberships elsewhere if this is not corrected. It is hard to understand why upper management would not want to keep such a popular instructor on staff, especially when he has increased new memberships and been the reason for members to stay for so long. Many of us only joined 24 in order to attend Bryan’s classes. He is a talented, kind, hardworking, and fun Zumba instructor. He has changed many lives through providing such a positive, encouraging, enthusiastic environment for us to stay in shape and enjoy ourselves. We urge you to not only keep him on as an instructor, but to allow him to continue to teach the same consistent classes he has taught for years.

Thank you in advance for your prompt and understanding attention to this matter.

We, the undersigned, call on 24 Hour Fitness - Antioch, to allow Bryan Guzman to continue to teach the same Zumba classes he has been teaching for years.

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