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We have decided to form this petition after Showtime restricted access to the website, www.stargatesg-1.com, so now only users in the US can access it.
We feel that this is unfair and is neglecting the large numbers of Stargate fans around the world.
We feel that this was one of the best websites on the net for Stargate SG-1, incorporating information and interaction.

Many people have spent a long time working their way up the ranks within the website, only to be now disappointed with the discovery that only US users can access it.

We, the undersigned, believe that the website www.stargatesg-1.com, should be available to all Stargate SG-1 fans around the world. By limiting the website's use to the USA, Showtime has disappointed many fans. We feel that the website should be reinstalled for all international users. This is the world wide web, the website should be available to everyone. Thank you.

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