Lion Nathan & South Australian Government

The West End Shack Pack has been a summer institution in Australia for many years. The Shack Pack consisting of 36 cans of West End Draught beer in one carton is usually sold during the 3 month summer period in Australia lasting from December until February. Thus far Lion Nathan have decided not to manufacture the shack pack and have failed to return it the shelves of local bottle shops.

The petition will be forwarded to Lion Nathan in the hope of the Shack Pack once again returning at least for the summer months.

We, the undersigned, wish to express our concern regarding the absence of the West End Draught Shack Pack.

The sale of only 24 and 20 can blocks of West End Draught is unacceptable and inconvenient.

We therefore ask that Lion Nathan again manufacture the 36 can Shack Pack and return it to bottle shop shelves.

Please sign the petition and help persuade Lion Nathan to bring back the "Shack Pack" and continue the summer tradition.

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