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Hi Everyone!

My son Callum was born at 31 weeks and spent time in the Neonatal Unit at Flinders Medical Centre (FMC), Adelaide, SA.

While he was there, there was a gallery of photos outside the Unit, showing "then" and "now" shots of many of the babies that had been born and spent time there. Some of the other parents and I nick-named the gallery "The Wall of Hope".

I used to love looking at the gallery, reading all the stories and seeing all the photos that showed how other babies had overcome their hurdles to go home and live a normal, happy life. Doing this got me through some really dark days.

After the recent renovations to the Neonatal Unit, the gallery has been removed and there are no plans in place to bring it back.

I have spoken with Associate Professor Peter Marshall (Head of the Neonatal Unit), Helen Fabel (Neonatal Audit and Follow-Up Nurse), as well as some other parents who have asked for the gallery to be returned, without success.

Please support my petition to have "The Wall of Hope" returned to its rightful place outside of the Neonatal Unit at Flinders Medical Centre. Once I have gathered 500 signatures, I will forward the petition to Dr Marshall, so that he can present it to FMC Board Members.

Yours faithfully

Nikki Fox

Peter Marshal who is the head Dr of the NICU at Flinders Mediacl Center has asked more than once to have this wall back as it give hope to parents that have children in the NICU it is not just for the sick babies that are born to early it is also for parents that have children that need that extra TLC so if you could please sign this & when we have 500 signutres I will be giving this to Peter Marshal who will then hand it to the board members at Flinders Medical Center.

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