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Many people seem to miss the enjoyment of watching the rehearsal clips before the dances.

They were a brief window into the hard work, the fighting, and the friendships throughout the week and were often a lot more gripping and funny than the awkward scripted 'comedy' we have now.

They gave us a chance to get to know the celebs and professionals (especially important with so many new pros) and really see the struggle, friction, and fun behind the scenes. Bring back training VTs!

We, the undersigned, want the makers of Strictly Come Dancing to bring back the training VTs before the dances. The comedy skits can become repetitious and laboured and the training VTs were a very much loved part of the show.

They gave us a chance to get to know the celebrities and the professionals a little bit more every week. Viewers miss getting a glimpse behind the scenes of all the hard work, the struggles, and the friendships that are a big part of the 'journey'!

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