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In their latest update, Spotify removed the radio feature from their service. This feature gave you a selection of songs based on either an album, song artist or playlist of your choosing. You could up or downvote songs with more loading as you listened to the selection, tailoring it to your taste.

Now, you are simply given a limited playlist of 50 songs and not only can you not select which songs you like/dislike, but you also cannot customise the playlist at all.

Further, any radio playlists people had saved from before this change are no longer accessible. This means some users have lost playlists that they had spent months curating.

This re-design pushes users towards certain artists and limits user customisation. The only reason Spotify have given us for this change is that they wanted to make the app "more streamlined and easier to use."

We do not accept these changes at the expense of a much-loved feature by the Spotify community.

We are asking very precisely that Spotify undo this change. Return the "Playlist radio" contextual option in all platforms. We further ask that it return for all objects, i.e all playlists (created by the user or other users), albums, artists etc. Basically: make it like it used to be.

We need to show Spotify that this is was a mistake. They fail to listen to feedback on their website (despite 500 people voting for this proposal) so we are making a more public petition. Please sign and share so Spotify gets the message.

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