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Changing Rooms was the do-it-yourself home improvement show, where neighbours swapped keys to transform a room in each other's houses. It ran from 1996 to 2004 then suddenly disappear from our screens. It use to be so entertaining as you never knew what you were going to get in terms of a good makeover or a disaster. Some of the professional designers ideas were often wacky and tacky. The home owners response to the makeovers were often TV gold.

Isn't it about time the programme was brought back. It could be revamped, repackaged with new presenters and designers. Surely a ratings winner. You could even go down the road of a celebrity presenter like Keith Lemmon, which would add a new dementia not to the show.

Please join my petition to get the show back on TV.
Thank you.

This petition is to ask the BBC to bring back the television programme "Changing Rooms" . The programme is sorely missed by millions and needs to return to our screens.

Please sign my petition to let the BBC know that there is audience demand for the return to our screen of Changing Rooms.

Thank you.

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