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Nestle - Peters

Remember the Peters Pal?

The competition for Paddle Pops and in the areas I grew up (Parkes, Armidale, Casino and Byron Bay in NSW) was far more popular as it was slightly larger, tasted better and had a better range of flavours.

Nestle now you have seen the success of the Monaco Bar's comeback why not wipe the competition and bring back the PAL?

Dear Peters Pal Lovers,

Seeing the success of the "Bring back the Monaco Bar" I thought it would be great to have the old Peters Pal back in the freezers next spring. If you remember the great taste of the Peters Pal, then pleasssse, PLEASE sign this petition!

Just think, with your help, you can re-enter those corner shops, you can re-enter those service stations, and you can proudly and confidently walk up to that ice-cream fridge and pick out a chocolate or a coconut or a strawberry Peters Pal - so much nicer than the competition which somehow has survived!

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