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Back in 1993, pbskids started out with the p-pals which was the perfect identity for pbs, now dash and dot have taken over and have made the station not that great. If we could bring back the p-pals ident and the 90s shows, pbskids would get alot more viewers.

Did you grow up in the 90s like I did??? Did you love the p-pals and the great pbs shows. Here are just a few:
Bill Nye
Lamb chop
Puzzle place

Pbs used to be great untill late 1999 when the p-pals were banned and so many amazing shows were taken off! I think pbs should bring back the p-pals and all the 90s favorites.

If you sign this petition, there might be better shows for kids and the p-pals might come back to pbs. So please sign!

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