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Starbucks Corporate Office

Starbucks had an awesome drink called a Frappacino of which us consumers could tailor it to our own preferences. Of which we did!

Yet they have now changed it without asking our opinions or even having us sample it prior to making the HORRID CHANGE! It now not only Tastes HORRIBLE, it even upsets some consumers stomaches and leaves a disgusting after taste.

We want them to bring back the "OLD FRAPPACINO RECIPE".

We, the undersigned, aka avid consumers of the Frappacino beverage, are calling on the Corporate "BIG WIGS" of Starbucks to bring back the "OLD FRAPPACINO RECIPE" we loved so much.

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The Bring Back The "Old Frap's" Recipe petition to Starbucks Corporate Office was written by Desiree Hesse and is in the category Consumer Affairs at GoPetition.

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