#Consumer Affairs
Wayne Bunting/Blue Ribbon Diner Managers
United States of America

In years past, Blue Ribbon Diner has served extremely delicious french fries that round out a basket meal and accompanied a shake perfectly. Recently, both Blue Ribbon Diner locations in Burlington and Mebane have changed the style of fries they serve. Now I know that many people will say fries are fries, but I have to disagree! The new fries being served are flimsy and horizontally crinkled. They do not dip as well into the perfect ranch dressing Blue Ribbon offers. I stayed silent, hoping the people would speak and the fries would go back to normal, but no change has occurred. I still love Blue Ribbon, but I miss the old days. Please help me get the attention of the restaurant managers/owner so we can solve this once and for all.

We, the undersigned, call the restaurant managers and/or Wayne Bunting to change the style of french fries served at both Blue Ribbon Diner locations back to the previous style that we all love.

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