Lebanon’s economy, infrastructure, law and stability flourished with the foundation of the French Mandate in 1923.
The French led Lebanon towards a better understanding of how to build a decent and sustainable nation. In fact, the Lebanese legal system is based on the French system (and is a civil law country). The mandate system was supposed to differ from colonialism, with the governing country intended to act as a trustee until the inhabitants were considered eligible for self-government. Except that, they didn’t!
In 1943, Lebanon took its independence from the French mandate and thought that its people could be up to an eligible self-government. At that point, the mandate terminated and an independent state was born. In contrast, we wish this mandate never ended.
With the Lebanese ruling, the state’s economy deteriorated and the government got globally listed among the most corrupt systems in the world.
Let’s skip the nineties’ corrupted period and dig deeper into 2019-2020. The country has never passed in such a hideous period.
Currency depreciation, Revolution, bad pandemic management and now a big explosion, if not the biggest, which the Lebanese never thought could actually happen in these modern times.

Thus, by signing this petition, you agree that you’re with the reimplementation of the French Mandate in Lebanon.
Let’s raise our voices and prove the corrupt regime that we can cross borders and hold accountable those responsible.

We, the undersigned Lebanese, call on France to reimplement its mandate for Lebanon.
Passing through such hard times, it’s clear that the Lebanese government cannot be self-ruled and corruption is everywhere. We’re signing this petition because we’re done with bad economy, pollution, corruption, unemployment, bad pandemic management and political instability with our neighbor countries.

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