National Rugby League (NRL) & Cronulla Sharks

DON'T SACK GREG BIRD as this will not only be an injustice, it will also bring a negative effect on our troubled youth of today.

The younger generation look up to our sportstars as role-models but if we just wash our hands of an NRL player the moment they get themselves into trouble this will only send the message out to our youth that your life ends the moment you do wrong!

Greg Bird has been a victim of Trial By Media & SPONSORS.I for one will not support LG products or PKF if Greg Bird is REMOVED from the Cronulla Sharks.

Mr.Zappia although accidental allegedly assaulted a female employee and has not admitted responsibilty of this allegation of stupidity gone wrong.To link Greg Bird to this incident is an attack on his integrity & loyalty to the Sharks club.

Greg Bird was facing imprisonment if he was proven guilty of Maliciously Causing Grievous Bodily Harm and that is why he could not talk to anyone regarding this incident.This charge which has now been dropped through lack of evidence to a lesser charge of Inflict Careless Injury which can happen to anyone who causes injury to another person.

As a loyal fan of the SHARKS & NRL I am asking that you re-instate Greg Bird and allow him to rebuild his image.Show to the public that we can reform our troubled youth and show that the game not only belongs to sponsors but to the fans as well!.

Congratulations to Willie Mason,Anthony Laffranchi and all the other players and clubs who were allowed to rebuild their image and clear their names after serious allegations were made against them!

An allegation (also called adduction) is a claim of a fact by a party in a pleading, which the party claims to be able to prove. Allegations remain assertions without proof, until they can be proved.

Please note:
This interpretation means a person is innocent until they are proven guilty!

Please read and sign this petition if you are either a supporter of GREG BIRD or the NRL as this could happen to a player from the club you support!

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