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Duke Ferris and the wonderful GR administrators
United States of America

This petition is for the great members of Game Revolution community. If you recall, on a certain April 1st, 2005, the staff of the forum introduced a section named Ashlee Simpson, where all the GR Ashlee fans could come together and talk about her and her wonderful art. It was a golden day for GR, one which nobody will forget.

But sadly, the section was taken out the next day, replaced by the so called "RPG" section. I know there are some people that like this forum, it is known proudly as "Forum of uber geekery, +2 vs other forums." Need I say more?

The Ashlee Simpson topic got a hit every five minuets on average that heavenly day, and should be returned. We deserve it.

We, the undersigned, declare our desire and hopes that one day that you, the great mods of r0x0rness, will return the Ashlee Simpson to it's original state, sponsor an Ashlee Simpson vs. Hulk Hogan match live from particleman's backyard, retire the MLA formatting from every high school on the world, and publish particleman's new P.O.P.E. single (which is bound to go platinum, so I'm really just making you money).

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