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Moncton City Hall

Moncton used to have a wonderful winter bonfire every February using discarded Christmas trees. In the late 60's it was held on Waterloo Street (now a baseball field) near the Gunningsville Bridge. Later it was held in Centennial Park and was also accompanied with fireworks. Many people met and married their future life partners at these bonfires and it was a great community event. Without consultation, the city decided to end the bonfires because of the optics of burning trees , yet they don't mention all the energy needed to chip them using chippers (they don't use beavers people!) and still fill the skies with toxic firework chemicals at every whim. This petition doesn't want to burn ALL the Christmas trees but just some of them for a nice big bonfire. Also the city bylaw concerning open fires will have to be amended to allow the city to do its own thing (sorry people,no backyard blazes!) The winter is plenty long. A big warm bonfire is just what we need!!!

I want the city of Moncton to bring back the annual Christmas tree bonfire.

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