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Telstra & Major Telco's

Many of you may have an OLD brick phone or Motorola bagphone hanging around the house, and must remember the days when using a phone was for talking only, and the great reception provided by these nostalgic phones.

These phones are for Talking, and talking only, no mms or mobile internet, just regular talking, what the phone was designed for. Now this is not a petition against modern phones (there great) but nothing beats being able to carry a phone around your shoulder, using a car phone(not while driving of course) or carrying a Motorola Dynatac brick.

Those were the days, until Telstra Australia had a stupid idea to turn the AMPS system off in 2000, and then the CDMA off in 2008. But with the billions they make every year, they are bound to have a old AMPS transmission tower somewhere and could reactivate just one in a major city such as Sydney.

With your help we want Telstra to re-enable just one AMPS tower in Sydney, so that the many proud owners of original Motorola's can finally dust them off and use them again. (AMPS also has better reception than the new Next g Network).

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