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Those who grew up in the 80's & 90's had the best tv shows ever, from Are You Afraid Of The Dark to The Rugrats. Our tv shows never failed to disappoint!

Keeping us entertained for hours on end!

Together lets bring back all those old amazing Nickelodeon shows, oh & we can't forget those ones that aired on Teletoon as well as YTV!

Lets get these shows back on tv on the same channel with a bigger & better variety then whats on some channels now.

I mean who didn't love watching Doug, or The Amanda Show, or Pinky & The Brain, or the Power Rangers or even Mr. Dressup, or how about Dudley The Dragon?

Help us bring these back for the memories and great times we all shared. WE CAN DO IT! Share this & lets spread the word & achieve our goal with the help of all of you! :)

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