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Released in 1971 to massive controversy and acclaim for the subversive nature of the content within the film, "A Clockwork Orange" is a masterpiece of filmmaking. A production of legendary director of "The Shining" and "Full Metal Jacket", Stanley Kubrick, the film deals with the question "Where does good come from?"

The anti-hero protagonist and narrator, Alex, is a rapist, thief, and murderer, who anyone could loathe. But when he is stripped of his free will by a monstrous technique, is he still evil? The movie deserves to be revived for a new generation to see, which even Malcolm McDowell, the actor who portrayed Alex, supports.

So, my brothers and sisters, join the ranks of the droogs, and let a new age viddy this real horrorshow film, right right?

We, the undersigned, call on Warner Bros. to re-release the 1971 film "A Clockwork Orange" in theaters in the near future, as we believe;

A) this film should be seen by every generation for its' content and deeper meanings about the nature of good, and/or ;

B) this film is incredibly relevant to today's modern age and the events therein.

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