As were approaching the final stretch of 2013 and have still not heard anything of a new crash bandicoot game, I decided to create a petition to try bring our favorite orange bandicoot back! I think its about time we have another crash bandicoot game! 6 years is far too long!

And as for Spyro... Well at least he was included in Skylanders, however, this was purely to bring attention towards the game. Now that Skylanders has its buyers, Activision are slowly but surely involving Spyro alot less. And with all these new toys coming out, it wont be long before our favorite purple dragon is wiped out just as crash was.

Its time Activision listened to what the fans want to hear so post this petition wherever you can! The more signatures the better!

By signing this petition, we call on Activision to actually do something with these Characters or sell them to another company who will actually do something with them.

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