Roblox has removed dance tools for no reason! Outraging! Sign this petition so we can try and bring back dance tools on roblox! First they remove tix,hashtag random words and numbers,not ban oders,and now this? its gone too far we have to take a stand and show them that we have rights and opinions too! We are a strong roblox community and I believe we can actually take a stand and show them we have OPINIONS.

Sign here so we can bring back dance tools on roblox and stop roblox from doing useless things! such as Not banning Oders,removing tix,hashtagging random words and numbers (yet it still is getting bypassed) ,anthro,and now this? its taken too far! lets show roblox we as the roblox community we have rights and opinions!

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The Bring back roblox dance tools! petition to Roblox was written by Natalie thomas and is in the category Gaming at GoPetition.