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Roblox, Nintendo

It has come to my attention that a popular game was deleted due to "Copyright".
This game was loved by all and it had nothing wrong with it. This game was deleted in the year of 2018 due to Nintendo saying that it Copied their popular game Pokemon. This game is popular globally but however I myself have played pokemon brick bronze and it does not copy nintendo's game in any way shape or form it is way more different than nintendo.

I not only speak on my behalf I SPEAK FOR THE WHOLE ROBLOX COMMUNITY. The game had NOTHING SIMILAR to that of the original pokemon game and it didnt have a gui similar to that. POKEMON BRICK BRONZE IS NOT A GAME THAT COPIES ITSELF. RATHER IT IS MERELY A REPLICA OF THE . GAME AND I MEAN just because it has alot of similar stuff does not mean it has alot of the same characters in it. and besides nintendo havent even given the game fair critique.

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