I am a regular user of Bebo. When they brought in the new profile layout we were able to use the old layout if we wished. But... Last night (Wednesday 2nd September '09) they automatically changed everyones profile to the new one, without the members permission or without a word of warning.

Now they have decided to give us four different options. Four of which not many people like, including myself. One option is similar to the old layout but I still dont like it.

For skin designers, this now makes our skins look all weird. It just destroys them. And for others it is just hard to get used to because the new layout is a mess, everything is all over the place.

Bebo is a handy Social Network to get in touch with your friends and have fun with apps etc. But with this change alot of people are going to delete their accounts and transfer to Facebook or MySpace instead. To be honest, I feel Bebo are digging their own grave here, by not giving us a choice. If they do end up losing alot of members, they only have themselves to blame.

Ok, so I have decided to make a petition to TRY and get an option for the old profile layout back. They might not listen but at least we have tried.

So... If you are a Bebo member and you hate the new layout and you want an option for the old one please sign this petition.

When we get a relatively good amount of signatures we will send it on to Bebo and see if they will do anything.

We, the undersigned, call on the Bebo Staff to give their members a choice to use the old profile layout.

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