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Does anyone else miss *NSYNC as much as I do and want them to reunite like I do! *NSYNC were one of the biggest, hottest, classiest and most talented pop boy bands back in the 90s and early 2000s with awesome and cool songs and music videos like "Bye Bye Bye", "It's Gonna Be Me", "Tearin Up My Heart", "Pop", Bringin Da Noise" , "I Want You Back" and many more. They had awesome dance moves and charisma, and they could sing and dance good at the same time.

And *NSYNC performed at some of the biggest and loudest stadiums and arenas in the USA and worldwide in other countries with fired up screaming fans and girls and young women during their bomb concerts and tours, and they often had the hottest and sexiest young female and male backup dancers live on stage with them during their concerts!

NSYNC had millions of fans in Japan and Europe and all over the world back in the 90s and early 2000s and they still have millions of fans worldwide today who still want an *NSYNC reunion although they're not always in the public, they're still all of their fans out there. When *NSYNC broke up in 2002 and Justin Timberlake started his solo career, it really broke our hearts and made pop concerts not as fun anymore although concerts and music were still fun from 2002-2004 but still. Some people disagree with me but to me, the only good song and music video Justin has is "Rock Your Body". To me, all his other songs and videos suck and are boring and don't have the timeless classic feel and bubblegum pop sound in them like *NSYNC songs do when he was in *NSYNC! And Justin was actually getting way more hotter and sexier young women and girls when he was in *NSYNC than when he was getting as a solo astist.

And I know some of the members have been talking about an *NSYNC reunion and one more world tour but they haven't did it yet and that some articles say they won't and some say they will. So Justin, Joey, Lance, Chris and JC, we'd really, really love for you guys to get back together as *NSYNC for one last world tour and reunion, and for maybe 10 or 11 more farewell bomb concerts for your millions of fans so that we'll all get to relive our childhoods and have something to remember you guys by before you all go your separate ways fro good. I heard that you guys may be reuniting in 2017 or 2018 for new albums and a tour, so if it's then please reunite *NSYNC for one more reunion word tour and a few more bomb concerts. Imagine how many generation of loyal fans you guys will gain and all your million of fans worldwide who will buyout all your tickets and see you guys live at all your concerts in a flash! And since the spice girls are reuniting and touring soon for a few more concerts a little later, you guys could maybe tour and perform with them as *NSYNC since you guys never toured and performed with them before like Backstreet Boys have.

Some of the stadiums and arena we'd like to see you guys perform at are the ISS Dome stadium in Germany, the O2 Arena in London, The Wembley Stadium in London, The Tokyo Dome in Japan, General Mortars Palace in Canada, The Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA, the Atlanta Georgia Dome in Atlanta, GA, the Aerican Airlines Arena in Miami, FL, the Anway Center in Orlando, FL and more! And have super special fun events like you guys did back in the 90s and early 2000s. And I think by you guys reuniting as *nsync, it will make mainstream music and the radio good and timeless again and start another larger than life old school boom period in the world and music again and bring back other 90s and early 2000s boy bands and girl groups too. But iff you reunite *NSYNC, please sing the songs live on stage with the actual album songs through the loud speakers playing with the microphones cause you guys sound way better singing live on stage with the album songs playing while you guys are singing, not with people playing instruments while you guys sing because that totally throws off the mega HQ audio sound and your voices, and makes the fans less fired up and singing along.

So *NSYNC fans, if you want *NSYNC to reunite for one more world tour and a few more concerts, please sign this petition to try to help get Justin, JC, Lance, Chris and Joey back together as *NSYNC again for one last time to hear them and see them live one more time in like maybe the next 4 or 5 years or so or sooner.

*NSYNC, we really miss you are we're asking you guys to please reunite one more time for one more world tour and a few more farewell concerts so that we may see you guys perform and sing together one last time! Please and thank you *nsync.

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